Bilocation 2013

6.8/10 by 13 users

Shinobu Takamura (Asami Mizukawa) is an aspiring painter. One day, she is accused of using counterfeit money. Shinobu is confused by the allegation, because she never did such a thing and was at home when the crime occurred. Police Officer Kanou then appears and takes her to a place. When they get there, a group of people are already gathered. All of the people there are concerned over a doppelganger like existence that looks just like them and acts like them. They call that existence "bilocation".

Released 2013-10-21
Runtime 119 minutes
Genre Horror
Stars Asami Mizukawa, Kento Senga, Sho Takada, Kenichi Takitoh, Kosuke Toyohara
Director Mari Asato, Yûta Tsukinaga, Fumihiko Yanagiya