Gatchaman OVA

Gatchaman OVA 1994

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An enormous dragon-shaped warship decimates a city with plasma beams and giant robotic arms. Its target is the Mantel Plan, a network unifying the world's energy resources. As the sinister ship heads for its next target a team of specialists rise to the rescue: the Gatchaman. Piloting their ship, the Phoenix, the Gatchaman launch a counterattack. Once inside the enemy ship they come face to face with the Galactor's entire army of assassins.

Released 1994-10-01
Runtime 135 minutes
Genre Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction
Stars Eddie Frierson, Lara Cody, Mona Marshall, Richard Epcar, Michael McConnohie
Director Maurice White, Akihiko Nishiyama, Hiroyuki Fukushima